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Kanye West Says He Owes $50 Million in Taxes

Kanye West claims he owes $50,000,000 in taxes. Here we are again, with yet another celebrity that seems to be in tax trouble. I’m side-eyeing…

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Bonus Depreciation

100% Bonus Depreciation Ends 12/31/22

Since we’re nearing the end of the year, business owners everywhere are looking for ways to save tax dollars. One of those ways is purchasing…

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IRS Use of Private Collection Agencies

I received a frantic call from a new client. "HELP!  I got a letter saying that the IRS referred my debt to a collection agency." The first question…

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1099K Change for 2023

The IRS issued a press release on October 24, 2022 reminding service providers and other business owners that they may receive a form 1099-K for…

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Key Elements of a Proper Invoice

Question: When is an invoice, not an invoice? Answer: When it’s not a proper invoice.  What are the elements of a proper invoice? A proper invoice…

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Injured Spouse or Innocent Spouse

Marriage is not a business, but there is business in marriage. Taxes have an impact on marriage. Outstanding tax debt definitely impacts a marriage.…

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